Rugged four agents watch recommended

A taxi, with the driver said: follow the front of the car. Brother: Oklah, are you carrying out the fake rolex watches task? We can not be too close will be found; too far when the red light we will get rid of. Me: master, calm a little, in front of the car sit no less, we just go with the foot. Each taxi driver mind has a 007-like dream. This is some time ago to see a piece of the Internet. You can see people for such agents have a certain fantasy ah. Today to give you recommend several sets of agents can match the needs of the watch to everyone. Watch watch: This watch is "007 big break the sky murder" commemorative watch, this watch in accordance with James Bond in the film wearing the Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Cosmos made of 600 meters swiss replica watches, the watch carrying a diameter of 42 Mm black steel case, as Mr. Q said, this is the "modified" for. It is worth noting that this piece of Omega hippocampus series watch by the new 8507-type coaxial movement to promote. Matte screw-in bottom cover with sapphire crystal mirror window, can be seen inside the precision movement. Watch a review: This watch is the adventurer in 2011, the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of the new watch, the new watch case diameter increased to 42 mm, and built by Rolex developed a new 3187 movement, 24 Hour pointer again back to 1971 classic orange and arrow design. 12 hour pointer can be adjusted independently, with the 24-hour pointer and the outer ring with the operation, will be able to provide the second time zone display. Watch Comment: watch in the simple and simple design and classic dolphin-style pointer contrast, the arched edge of the sapphire crystal watch under the dial is particularly eye-catching. Need to note that the watch in the back of a piece of anti-magnetic soft iron, can play a very good role in the anti-magnetic. Watch equipped with 80111-type self-winding movement, 44 hours of power reserve, 3 o'clock direction date display, watch waterproof 120 meters, swiss replica watches limited to 1000. Watch Comment: In 2011, TAG Heuer launched the world's first vibration frequency of 500 Hz mechanical chronograph - MIKROTIMER FLYING 1000. This revolutionary mechanical chronograph is equipped with two "MIKRO" escapements that abandon the traditional balance wheel, vibrating 3,600,000 times per hour, 125 times faster than the standard Swiss chronograph. Dial the central pointer can be completed 10 cycles per second rotation. Very beautiful MIKROTIMER FLYING 1000 with black titanium carbide coated case, equipped with contrasting stainless steel lugs and black ruthenium coating movement. Summary: Although not everyone can have James Bond wearing a watch, but start a durable watch is definitely a good choice. Above for everyone recommended several watches, are the characteristics of the exquisite watch. Hippocampus waterproof, exploration of the resistance to the operation, the engineer's anti-magnetic and TAG Heuer accurate timing, there is always a suitable for you.