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250,000 Business Rates Appeals Backlog

The continuing row over business rates took on a new twist last week as the Evening Standard reported a staggering 250,000 appeals under the outgoing 2010 List are yet to be resolved. 

This news has been met with dismay by occupiers wishing to appeal their 2017 valuations, as the fresh wave of appeals is sure to bring to crisis point a system already overburdened with this “extraordinary backlog” of cases from the outgoing list.

Additionally, the appeals process for the 2017 list is to become more complex, with Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of British Hospitality Association, citing a “lack of clarity” concerning how to appeal. 

Finally, with the 2010 List being phased out at the beginning of April, a wave of last minute appeals is sure to occur, putting a massive strain on the system and adding further misery for businesses throughout the country. 

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