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The Aldgate Wellbeing & Mindfulness Craft Club 

The Aldgate Partnership would like to welcome you their new craft club which is led by a local employee Sandra wanting to share the passion of craft.

Come and see how far reusuables can go.This month explore what you can do with wine bottles apart from drinking them... please bring your own finest bottle of white! Make sure you soak the label off. There will be spare provided if you dont have any at home.

This is a FREE activity, in collaboration with the Partnership and local businesses to help make Aldgate a better place to be and work.


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TAP would like to you introduce the Aldgate Advantage loyalty card which is completely free which exclusive offers and benefits from local businesses, bars, restaurants and cafe's online at www.thealdgatepartnership.co.uk/advantagecard

The Aldgate Advantage Card has been brought to you by The Aldgate Partnership (TAP). TAP works in partnership with Aldgate’s rich and diverse cultural mix of businesses and local community. We seek to deliver services and opportunities to develop Aldgate into a destination hub with an environment that produces a safe, convenient and inspiring destination for employees, residents and visitors alike.

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