The Weekly Wrap

8th November 2019
The Weekly Wrap

City backs Aviva’s One Liverpool Street

The City of London gave the go-ahead for Aviva Investor’s plans for One Liverpool Street, EC2.

The plans for the 10-Storey office block went to the committee on 5th November. The site at 1-14 Liverpool Street is set to be redeveloped and will provide 260,000 sq ft of office space and 6,620 sq ft of retail space across 10 floors.

Aviva Investors has a development agreement with Transport for London to develop the building located at the Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line station entrance.

TFL is looking to raise around £500m from a series of development sites created around Crossrail stations.

City Corporation to earn £220m from developments in the Square Mile

The City of London Corporation will earn £220million from business negotiations behind some of the biggest developments in the Capital. For the Corporation, this was the total amount owed between April 2016 and the end of March 2019 from 156 planning applications accepted.

In 2014, CPC and Barratt Homes approved plans to turn Sugar Quay's office blocks into 165 luxury apartments. The developers will owe over £15.4m for planning permission.

The developers of 22 Bishopsgate will pay over £19m which is set to become to become the tallest building in the City over 62-storeys high.

Works started at the beginning of the year on Wilkinsons Eyre’s 51-storey office block, 8 Bishopsgate, which netted £6.1m for the Corporation. The money was obtained in each planning permission using the legal powers under Section 106 agreement.

City of London to be the first safe drinking area

Over 200 bars and restaurants in the Square Mile have signed up to UK's first listings service of venues selling alcohol-free or low alcohol drinks to help people avoid a sore head.

The City of London Corporation helped fund the Club Soda Guide which shows people the choices if they don't want an alcoholic drink. There are 235 City venues on board so far and the group behind the project has given an update to the licencing committee of the City Corporation.

The team is now researching the Square Mile to "look at how commuters who drive navigate after work drinks".

Their vision is to see the City of London as "the UK's first mindful drinking place" The number of City venues listed doubled from the pilot when they had signed up 108 locations to show what's on offer in the Square Mile.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2019!

The City of London will host its traditional Lord Mayor’s Show this Saturday!

Posters will be seen around tube stations advertising the spectacle and people working in the City will see barriers and viewing platforms go up leading up to the event.

It's an 804-year-old tradition which became a medieval carnival and now it is a civic parade to celebrate the new Lord Mayor.

Military detachments, marching bands, dance troupes and ceremonial displays will all be part of the show.

The parade will start on November 9 from 11am but you will need to get there earlier if you want a good view! It will run from Mansion House to the Royal Courts and back again.

There will be 143 different groups in the procession with two military bands leading the parade followed by specially selected universities, schools and civilian bands.

Who is the new Lord Mayor? – Alderman William Russel is the 692nd Lord Mayor of London.

The Alderman has been working in the City for over 30 years in national and international banking and is the co-founder of the Knightsbridge School.


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