Rent Reviews, Arbitrations & Lease Restructuring

We exploit our depth of experience and detailed market knowledge of rental transactions and values, allied with thorough understanding of legal issues to secure the most favourable settlements for our clients.

Similar skills are deployed working with the firm’s agency team to negotiate the most beneficial lease clauses for our clients looking to lease or sell property.

Disputes sometimes require settlement by a third party (whether by reference to an Arbitrator or Independent Expert), or in the Courts.  This requires skill in preparing written submissions or proofs of evidence and our standing as Expert Witness is enhanced by our proven track record.

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Rent Reviews, Arbitrations & Lease Restructuring

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do our skills add value?

    A key component of our success is the day to day knowledge of market activity, allied with clinical analysis of lease terms, backed by resolute negotiating skills to protect and generate value for our clients.

  • I’ve just had a demand for a rent increase from my landlord – What should I do?

    We apply our analytical and professional skills to interrogate the justification for an increase and formulate a robust negotiating position to defend our view and our clients financial interests.

  • Rent review/lease renewal – Threat or opportunity?

    Many occupational leases are much shorter nowadays, often being ten years or less.  Our advice and lateral thinking is used to identify opportunities arising from rent reviews or lease renewals, in order to improve our clients position and identify opportunities arising.

  • My lease ends shortly – What should I do?

    Our advice will establish your lease position, your goals and a strategy to achieve these, whether your aim is to stay or move elsewhere.

    The greater proliferation of short-term leases within the UK property market has reduced the requirement for rent reviews and/or lease renewal.  However, these skills are as relevant today as they ever were.  Newton Perkins offers specialist in-depth market knowledge of current rental values, backed by a thorough understanding of legislation and case law which can materially effect the outcome of a client’s interest whether as rent recipient or rent payer.

    Our attention to detail, negotiating expertise and innovative thinking enables us to achieve very favourable results for our clients.

    Where disputes acquire settlement by a Third Party (whether by reference to an Arbitrator or an Independent Expert) or in the Courts, this requires skill and experience in preparing written submissions or proofs of evidence, our standing as Expert Witness is enhanced by a proven track record.

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