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Business Rates

Rates liability is one of our clients' most significant overheads and Newton Perkins' aim is to reduce our clients' liability.

Newton Perkins' extensive market knowledge and understanding of rents and values enables us to establish grounds for appealing rating assessments. Where appropriate we conduct the appeal process to the commercial advantage of our clients to negotiate a reduced assessment of liability.

Where negotiation with the Valuation Office does not reach settlement, our expertise extends to taking cases to the Valuation Tribunal. Our track record is second to none in this respect. We regularly attend and present at the Valuation Tribunal and we can demonstrate an extensive track record in reducing our clients' costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have not appealed the 2010 Rating Assessment – Am I too late?

    No. Whilst all commercial properties were re-valued as of 1st April 2010, the right of appeal extends to March 2017.  Successful appeals to reduce liability result in a repayment cheque usually within two months of determination.  A welcome bonus for our clients in challenging economic circumstances.

  • How do you charge?

    Our charges are usually based upon a percentage of the saving we win for our clients, though a fixed fee alternative is sometimes preferred by our clients and is offered as an option.

  • Are savings guaranteed?

    No, we are aware of some rating advisors (often not professionally qualified) who mass mail and cold call occupiers, guaranteeing savings.  We advise our clients to be deeply wary of these approaches and claims.  We only ever recommend appeal following careful investigation using our specialist market knowledge and understanding of rating law and practice.

  • Can assessments be increased?

    Yes, an unwise appeal or incorrect conduct of an appeal can result in an increased level of assessment. Please refer to this article for examples of ho unscrupulous firms take advantage of this.

  • Why do business rates increase every year?

    Because the level of the Uniform Business Rate multiplier is linked to the annual level of inflation announced in September of each financial year.

    As such, even though the Rateable Value may not change, business rate liability increases year on year.

    For 2016/2017, the standard UBR has been increased for England from 48p in the £ to 48.4p in the £.

    In addition to the UBR itself, there are also a number of supplements which are added. These are set out on the chart below with the relevant qualifications.

    UBR £0.484 Standard Multiplier
    Small Business Supplement £0.013 Paid on all ‘large assessments above £15,000 RV (£25,000 in London)
    City of London Security Levy £0.005 Paid on all City of London assessments.
    Crossrail £0.020 Paid on assessments above RV £55,000 within Greater London.

    We help our clients in various ways including carefully argued, judicious appeals, checking if transitional relief has been applied correctly, seeing whether a reduction can be applied for if local redevelopment is being undertaken or splitting assessments where our clients have vacant accommodation.